February 08, 2014

The Mariners Action Group

Reid's comment left on another post of mine deserves a separate posting by itself.

Do give it your full consideration. The Mariner's Action Group is doing good work. 


Dear Manu,

Mariners Action Group (a volunteer seafarer's service organization that was originally formed in response to the MV Iceberg 1 piracy) has established an employers online rating form which is simple to use and confidential. It can be found at: http://mariners-action-group.weebly.com/seafarers-rate-your-companies.html

The information a seafarer enters on the form will be screened for obvious spam or misuse, and then published in a table on another page of the Mariners Action Group website (the table can be found under the "Company Ratings" button on the MAG Home page). Personal information about the seafarer is not used.

The rating form has been up for several weeks and has not yet received much traffic. So users may have feedback about such things as improving the form's availability or ease of use, and those comments will be very welcome.

For the time being, please leave feedback on the website's contact form - we will give all comments serious consideration and respond if possible.

So please, Manu - and all of your informed readership - have a look and see what you think. I hope this will become another source of information for the beleaguered mariner to allow them to avoid bad employers.


Mariners Action Group


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