February 23, 2014

Remember Fukushima?

(This piece was written almost a month ago and was awaiting publication before I could post it here. In the interim period, TEPCO, the operator of the plant at Fukushima, has said that a 'new' 100 metric tonne radioactive water leak has occurred out there. Radioactive water- from amongst the huge volume of contaminated/clean-up water stored on site- has leached into the ground once again.  TEPCO says, once again, that 'it doesn't believe' that radioactive water has leaked into the nearby Pacific.) 

The international conspiracy to hide the almost incomprehensible – and ongoing- disaster at the aptly named Fukushima nuclear plant beggars belief. It also portends the shape of things to come, guaranteeing, almost, that world leaders will deceive the masses in future on matters that concern the very survival of massive populations. 

The Japanese Liberal Democratic Party in power railroaded a sweeping secrets protection bill two months ago, triggering outrage in Japan but- surprise!- support in Washington. The draconian law is widely regarded in Japan as a way of using brute force to crush civil liberties and kill damning reports that keep on coming out on Fukushima. That the Japanese government bungled badly in handling the aftermath of Fukushima was always well known, but that their mismanagement probably caused the disaster is not. 

It is certain, judging from independent reports, that there is a massive international cover up- or official international silence, which amounts to the same thing- about the fact that the leak was much bigger than acknowledged, went on for much longer than declared and that massive- massive- amounts of radioactive water were run off into the Pacific for a long time after the disaster (is this happening even today?) That the effects of the disaster are being felt thousands of miles from Japan, and that these are being hidden from the international public. These facts, plus others- for example, that Japanese gangsters regularly rounded up expendable homeless Japanese from train stations to work at the radioactive clean-up in Fukushima- will be almost certainly suppressed with the new bill in future. 

Just one report. Scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) in California say that dead sea creatures are blanketing 98% of the floor of the Pacific off California- the number was at 1% before Fukushima. Multiple stations in the Pacific have reported similar figures, prompting researchers to question whether the Pacific is dying. Since human life is dependent on healthy oceans that give us the oxygen we need to breathe, the death of oceans is believed to herald the extinction of mankind.

Those in power across the world have taken moral bankruptcy to a new level. That they want to play games with nuclear weapons or restrict their proliferation to where it suits them was always a stupid idea. That the powerful represent countries that either want to sell nuclear energy or buy it is no excuse. That they will claim that they are hiding the truth about Fukushima to avoid mass panic is a specious argument. And that they will push, at international bodies, for restrictions on ship emissions - that contribute some 3% to global greenhouse gas emissions- while simultaenously- genocidally even- covering up Fukushima is hysterical hypocrisy that makes me remember Rostand and his famous quote-"Kill one man and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill them all, and you are a god.” 

The world needs to be told the truth about Fukushima. 


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Reid Sprague said...

Wonderful article, Manu! I, for example, had not known about the death rate rise across the Pacific. I think the average person has tended to think of it as a Japanese problem - "nothing to do with me".

Thank you for bringing home the fact that things like this affect us all - and, that powerful forces across the world have a vested interest in keeping information out of our hands. Fat, dumb & happy can easily segue into fat, dumb and endangered!